Sonohra’s story in pictures



“La storia parte da qui”: the story starts here

We’re in Verona: it’s February 27, 1982 and the Fainellos welcome Luca. Four years later, on 27th November 1986, a little brother joins Luca: Diego. 


Sonohra - Piccoli Luca e Diego Fainello

The whole Fainello family is deep in music, while the grandfather is a violin player and the mother is a singer. That’s the environment in which Luca and Diego grow up, and that’s how they start to move the first steps toward their career.


Always supported and encouraged by their parents, they learn to listen, to play several instruments and to compose songs. They become especially fond of pop and rock music of the ’70s and ’80s, with a special predilection for blues history.


Sonohra - Giovani Luca e Diego Fainello

Between a music competition and a live concert at local pubs and clubs, Luca and Diego form a duo called 2tto. Among the others, they publish the single Grido e canto and the Italian theme song of the cartoon Ufo baby. As Domino, a new duo, they sign the single Come tu mi vuoi.


It’s usually Luca who writes the lyrics, while Diego composes musics and looks Young Lucaafter the arrangements. Growing up, the boys sharpen their musical taste, absorbing influences not only from rock language, but also from the new frontiers of britpop.


They keep on performing unplugged, especially round the Lake Garda: that is exactly in one of these occasions that they reach the maturity and the contacts needed to take wing as Sonohra.


Sonohra’s career

Sonohra - Sonoran desert

Sonohra is the name Luca e Diego Fainello choose for their duo-band referring to the Sonoran desert, one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America. Sonohra means the unconditional freedom of music: like the desert, music seems to have no  boundaries. Moreover, the word Sonohra sounds like “suono ora“, which in Italian means “I’m playing now” and represents Luca and Diego’s natural bent perfectly.


The Sonohra make their debut in 2008, on the stage of the popular Festival di Sanremo: on that occasion, they win over their cathegory (Newcamers) with L’amore. This song is applauded by public and critics; its official video sees over eight millions hits on YouTube, making it one of the four most watched music videos.


Sonohra - Sanremo 2008In the wake of this success they climb the charts with Liberi da sempre (2008), Sweet Home Verona (2008) and then with Libres (2009), which takes the duo-band on a promo tour to the Miami area of US, Columbia, Argentina, Mexico and Brasil.  Recording Metà (2010), Luca and Diego make another unforgettable experience: they work in London, at the legendary Abbey Road Studios of the Beatles. With the EP (all in English) A place for us (2010), Sonohra’s music arrives at cinemas, with There’s a place for us for the soundtrack of “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, produced by 20th Century Fox. At the British première of the film the boys sit beside the very Queen Elizabeth II.


15 may 2012 their new album La storia parte da qui is published. The album is mastered at the Sterling Sound Studios by Ted Jensen, one of the greatest mastering engineers in the world. This album boasts various special guests as the Spanish folk musician Hevia (track Si chiama libertà), the New Yorker artist Michael Adrian (track Il re del nulla) and the Secondhand Serenade (track Nuda fino all’eternità).

Sonohra - La storia parte da qui


During the year 2013 Luca and Diego spend their time especially dealing with two original projects: an acoustic tour as Sonohra Acoustic Trio, with the bass player Luciano “Sem” Santoro, and the new album that will be released in 2014.